Tea Ling Rongshang Bank creditted ceremony site. The unit is awarded the map of Changsha, November 15th, recently, Hunan Tea Rural Commercial Bank and the Tea Lingjiao Association jointly held a credit signing ceremony and the first Tea Lingjia Association member networking activities, the bank is a private association for the Maling Credit 100 million yuan. At the signing ceremony, Tan Zhihua, deputy director of the Maling Rural Commercial Bank, said that in order to better serve the county small and micro enterprises, the bank launched a special product such as merchant loan, first-wrench loan, and old towns and loans, and the Tea Lingjiao Association Written recommendation can enjoy better financial services and interest rates, the loan amount can be up to 50 million yuan, the interest rate is the lowest, and the loan can be completed on the same day, and the mortgage will be completed within 7 days. "Tea Rongshang Bank has brought real discount for our merchants, and there is difficulties in the capital week, let’s find the Rural Commercial Bank!" Ms. Li, member of the local private association, said.

It is understood that this credit signing ceremony built a friendly bridge between banks and private associations, helping to further excavate the resources of both parties and deepen the contract of the Silver Enterprise Association. Next, the Maling Rural Commercial Bank will continue to consolidate the docking achievements of Silver and Enterprises, providing high-quality and high-quality financial services for the economic and social development of Tea Ling County. (Zhou Jiale, Peng Wei) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.