What whitening ingredients are good for

Every year, 315 consumers complain, and the most complaints in skin care products are whitening products.

Seriously, dermatological diseases such as vitiligo and dermatitis are caused by the use of whitening products. Generally, the skin feels thin after use, red blood is obvious, and allergic symptoms occur.

The professional dermatologists of Oumei Cosmeceuticals tell you that whitening products are actually special-purpose skin care products. If these ingredients are used in wrong way, they will easily cause various skin problems.

When choosing a whitening product, you must know the ingredients in advance to be insensitive to the whitening ingredients.


Stay away from dangerous elements!

  Many indisputable facts show that the more it claims to be able to whiten quickly, the hidden risk possibilities!

Because human skin presents a metabolic cycle every 28 days, whitening also takes a 28-day cycle to show results.

If the product claims to be white in three to five days, then you must be careful-think of how many beautiful women at that time caused mercury poisoning because they believed this sentence!

  Let’s discover those dangerous elements together, please keep away from them at speed!

  Wanted NO.

1 Mercury-commonly known as mercury, is a toxic heavy metal, so the “Cosmetic Hygiene Code” clearly stipulates that mercury is a substitute substance in cosmetics.

Mercury chloride contained in some cosmetics will quickly increase the whitening effect in a short period of time, but over time, users will experience accelerated skin aging, which actually leads to the disfiguring effect. Long-term use of mercuryCosmetics with excessive levels are susceptible to skin cancer.

  Wanted NO.

2 Lead-Lead can resist the production of melanin.

However, if lead in cosmetics enters the body through the placenta, it will harm the development of the hypertension nervous system. Adults with craniocerebral brains are more sensitive to the toxic effects of lead on the brain. Lead damage to fetal development is shortly after birthYou can show it.

  Wanted NO.

3 Kojic acid-It is found in the comparative test that it has the most obvious effect among the existing whitening ingredients.

Kojic acid is generally extracted from filamentous scales such as penicillium and aspergillus, and is a toxic cell.

In previous years, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare fed experimental mice with koji and found that it was carcinogenic. Therefore, almost all whitening products containing kojic acid in Japan have been removed from shelves.

  Wanted NO.

4 Hydroquinone-The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning that skin care products with whitening and lightening melanin mainly contain the chemical component hydroquinone, which is potentially dangerous for carcinogenesis and skin damage, so it should be used asPrescription drugs are sold and used with restrictions under the guidance of a doctor.

  Wanted NO.

5 Spices-Spices are widely found in cosmetics, flavoring agents, detergents, medicines, and a variety of household products; the initial sensitivity of perfumes was considered rare, and later it was developed by diagnostic methods.One of the common reasons.

Recent research has shown that contact allergies to fragrances and related products will become one of the priorities of preventive medicine in the coming years.

  The other wanted retinoic acid, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), retinoic acid, etc., will cause damage to the skin for a long time, and pregnant women must compensate.

  Good whitening friends who are assured of whitening, healthy whitening and safe whitening have become the mainstream views in the beauty industry in recent years.

How can I find a good friend for skin whitening and reduce the risk of allergies?

Let’s take a look at the recently widely recognized effective safe whitening ingredients.

  Good friend NO.

1-Vitamin C is the most anticipated and safest whitening ingredient.

Vitamin C and its derivatives can improve or enhance the body’s resistance to bacteria or viruses, and have anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging effects. At the same time, it can inhibit and treat skin diseases such as facial pigmentation and freckles.
  Good friend NO.

2-Licorice Extract is a pure natural whitening emollient extracted from licorice, with anti-oxidant and fast whitening effects.

Licorice extract has been proven to be one of the most effective plant whitening agents.

Due to the low content of effective ingredients in licorice and its difficulty in purification, it is one of the most expensive cosmetic raw materials at present, and it is also a whitening ingredient with good curative effect and comprehensive functions.

  Good friend NO.

3-Fruit Acid (AHA) is an organic hydroxide extracted from a variety of natural fruits and vegetables or natural materials such as yogurt.Fruit acid products can reduce the aggregation of the skin’s keratin and promote skin metabolism. The continuous use of fruit acid will make the effect more obvious.

At the beginning of use, the skin will return to radiance, become transparent and delicate, and the skin elasticity will gradually increase, which can not only reduce fine wrinkles, but also adjust the skin texture.

  Medical whitening is more assured after learning about so many whitening ingredients, but there are still many MMs who are worried. The current cosmetics cover and hide the ingredients to avoid talking, how do I know if the product I use has any dangerous ingredients?

  At present, the concept of cosmeceutical beauty is very popular in Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan, and now it is also affecting more Chinese beauty.

Cosmeceuticals is actually the short of medical beauty, it must meet several major standards: first, all the ingredients contained in it are disclosed; second, the producer must be a medical institution, pharmaceutical company or doctor pharmacist; third, the product must pass through the skinThe strict monitoring of the doctor guarantees the safety of the product to the greatest extent.

  Therefore, the purchase of whitening products in cosmeceuticals is enough to understand all the ingredients clearly, and also has the commitment of professional dermatology.