Interview 丨 Powerful “Bucky”: Climbing the Great Wall to Eat Roast Duck, Most Want to Ride Electric Three Wheels
After the short season of the Chinese Super League, Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team’s powerful foreign aid Budge joined the Tuchao Wakif Bank Club.Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, after the announcement of the suspension of the Turkish Volleyball Super League, Bucky boarded an American flight in the air.At present, Bach has spent 14 days in isolation in his home in Illinois.In a recent interview with Sauna and Yewang, Budge said he missed his life in Beijing.Bucky serves in the game.Figure / Visual China’s epidemic hit the Beijing women’s volleyball ace and was forced to terminate the 2019-2020 season after playing a second job. After joining the China Volleyball Super League for the first time, Budge quickly became the backbone of the Beijing women’s volleyball team, giving the team a leap in overall strengthThe Beijing team won the second season.According to coach Zhang Jianzhang, before the start of the league, Bucky only participated in 7 training classes, and he could only “top ten times” at a time.In the first game of the season, the starting Bucky made 11 of 30 deductions, scoring a game-high 13 points.As the season progressed, she played more and more smoothly, repeatedly making achievements at critical moments, reversing the team’s decline.At the same time, the activity of Budge also led to the team as a whole, the degree of understanding between the players increased, and with the stacking guarantee, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball team’s own network port and edge advantage also gradually appeared.Speaking of his own advantages, Bucky is very humble.”I think nothing more than I have experience playing in different countries.Coming to China is a brand new experience for me, a new level, new teammates and opponents, everything is different from the past, I am very happy to adapt quickly.”Batch said.For the performance of the entire season, Bucky self-assessed 85 points.With the remaining 15 points, she thinks she can do better on serving and receiving.As the 2019-2020 Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League schedule is compressed, all games will be declared ended before the Spring Festival, which gives foreign aid the opportunity to play a second job in the winter transfer.Bacchi became the first foreign aid to officially sign a second contract. She received an invitation from the Women ‘s Volleyball Club of Vakif Bank in Turkey. This is also the old club of Chinese women ‘s volleyball team attacking Zhu Ting.With the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, global sports events suffered a major impact, and the Turkish Super League also announced a suspension in late 3 months.Just a few days ago, Tuchao Fenerbahce Club issued an announcement saying that 4 people in the team had submitted nucleic acid tests for new coronary pneumonia, and 2 of them were women.Fortunately, after the suspension of the league, Bucky launched regular American flights in a timely manner, strictly separated from home, and entered the observation period.Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team of Foreign Aid.Figure / Visual China’s growth history was a coach of the men’s volleyball team, and he was born in the United States in 1990. Buchi was born in the United States in 1990. From 2008 to 2011, he played for the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne team and received a bachelor’s degree in sports management.After graduating from college, Budge ushered in her first career season in Puerto Rico in 2012, but she did not enjoy that time and even lost her enthusiasm for playing volleyball.After that, Bucky returned to the United States and chose to retire, and became a coach of a California men’s volleyball team.There, Bucky had a lot of fun.”I thought I might have been a coaching profession at that time, and then slowly regained interest in playing volleyball. I decided to try again.”Batch recalled.In 2013, Bach went to Germany to participate in the trial training and passed it successfully, once again opened a professional career.As a representative of late success, Bucky was only selected to the US national team at the age of 25.However, her good skills and flexible thinking quickly became the main force as soon as she reached the national team.The most impressive thing about volleyball fans is her performance in the 2018 World Women’s Volleyball League.In this series, she is the chief hero of the US team’s championship, and she is also honored as the most outstanding player.In the 2018-2019 season, Budge played in the Serie A Novara club, helping the team win the Champions League and the Italian runner-up.All of this is seen by the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Coaching Team.”We have been observing Budge for many years.”Jiang Zhang Zhang said in an interview with the Beijing News before the start of the season,” Budge is a very good main attacker, and the offense is very powerful. She is not only the main force of the US team, but also the top in the world. She is one of the topThere are not many main attacks with strong power.”As the main opponent of Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team, the traditional strong team Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team became more dazzling after Zhu Ting joined, and the addition of powerful foreign aid Budge also gave Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team a scoring weapon.Important person.On the days of the north drift, climb the Great Wall to eat roast duck and enjoy life in Beijing. This is not the first time Budge has come to Beijing, but it is the first time she has lived here.In an interview with a reporter while in isolation in the United States, Buck also expressed his miss for Beijing.While in Beijing, Bach and his team were placed in an apartment in Wangfujing with outsiders. They sometimes took a taxi to train and sometimes took the subway, and Bach wanted to try electric three-wheel riding.Speaking of which, Bucky was a little excited.Of course, she knew that the head coach would not agree.Buck said frankly, the biggest difference between Beijing and the city where he once lived was the large number of people.”I have never lived among so many people. My hometown is only about 7,000 people, but there are so many people in the small area of Wangfujing where we live.”Bucky said,” We are very fortunate in eating and drinking. There are too many western-style restaurants around the apartment. Sometimes we try Chinese food. One day we went to experience the whole process of making dumplings, which is very Chinese.”For Budge, to experience different cultures is an enjoyment.During those days in Beijing, she went to the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, and ate Beijing Roast Duck . this was what she said was a “cool attempt.”On Thanksgiving Day, Buck also ordered half a turkey takeaway with his teammates.Buck, who gradually adapted to the life of the “North Drift”, was more and more loved by fans on the field, and the slogan of “Powerful Buck (Domineering)” became more and more neat and loud.But it was not until the interview with Sauna and Yewang that Buck understood the true meaning of the slogan.”It’s so interesting, because Bartschy has always been my nickname. It seems easy for the Chinese to pronounce” Bach “. I like how they call me that way.”Batch said.Due to the impact of the epidemic, he can only stay at home at the moment, and Budge is also at a loss for the future.The sudden interruption of the league, and the Olympics are also expected to be held in 2021. Too many uncertain factors make Bucky start planning the future from the beginning.”You have to keep your state at home, now take a step by step.”Batch said.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Liu Yue