The officers thought he was scared silly,This person must die,I’m afraid I will be smashed into a ball of debris by a hammer in the next second。
Once the commander’s chain ball flew,Let alone a living person,Even the armor of the tank can’t stand a hammer,Being smashed through is just commonplace。
And Lu Menglin just smiled slightly,A punch out!
the easiest,The most common punch,No tricks,Simply neat。
just,On this punch,Attached is the ancient beast-shaped fist intent that Lu Menglin was famous for.。
A tyrannical dragon fist,Hard bridge hard horse with hammer flying in the sky,Bumped。
boom!Two giant forces intersect,That chain ball was crushed on the spot。
The Tyrannosaurus fist has not disappeared,But at a more ferocious speed,Turned into a phantom of Tyrannosaurus with its mouth wide open,Pounced on the Giant Commander。
boom!There is another muffled noise。
The entire upper body of the Giant Commander,I was hit by the Tyrannosaurus fist,Turned into blood on the spot,Fist strength has not waned,With the flesh and blood,Hit hard on the wall of the hall,A big semi-circular hole was blasted out of the big wall made of boulders。
The cold air outside the hall pours in,The whole hall is silent,The atmosphere is extremely solemn。