Lei Yuan Small World。
Li Ming’s second soul,Due to the need to guard the formation,Now he has swallowed a huge amount of Yuan Ye,Stepped into the step of returning to the emptiness。
Return to the virtual,Golden Lotus,Its nourishing effect on the soul far exceeds that of the soul golden lotus。
now,He is preaching。
The Avenue of Stars and the Avenue of Formations。
From time to time,Stars appear,At the same time with Li Ming’s presentation,The vitality between the heavens and the earth emerges in a heavy array。
Not only the disciples in the audience were completely immersed in Li Ming’s preaching,Li Ming himself took this opportunity to review his own way。
sudden,A wave of heaven and earth came。
His eldest disciple Shu Qiuteng opened his eyes blankly。
“Qiu Teng,Finally understand the Big Dipper~”Li Ming is smiling,At the same time, he instructed the old demon who was standing aside:“You go get mine later《Star change》The first six volumes of Famen were passed to Qiu Teng。”
“Yes,the host!”
Chapter Sixteen Chuangtianming Tower