“I have to say one thing,Can the scale of the pig farm be expanded?,In terms of current sales,A bit in short supply“Chen Erniu suddenly said。
Xia Jian waved his hand and said:“Put this matter on hold,Our top priority is the training of cooperative employees,Don’t look at the lack of people right now,In case we open another factory or something,Once this person was poached,How do we respond?This is the most important issue discussed today“
“What we have is surplus labor,But how to make the most of,This is a question that each of you must consider。and also,It’s autumn,It’s New Year’s Eve in an instant,Dividends in the village this year,Must be done in advance,Zhao Hong must start this matter in advance”Xia Jian paused,Then said。
Zhao Hong nodded and said:“I have already checked the finances in advance,This year should not be a big problem,Because our capital flow is normal,Not like in previous years,No money on the account”
“This is very good,It means everyone’s work is done well。The next thing I want to say is another thing,But it is closely related to our farm,Can anyone guess what i’m talking about?”Xia Jian suddenly bought a pass,Let everyone use their brains。
Thought for a while,In addition to shaking his head or shaking his head,Even Zhao Hong looked blank。
“it is good!Since everyone can’t figure it out,Then I will。Our farm,The current situation is really good,We gave such good things to others,And others do another deep processing,Get an outer package,This is very different。Others can do something like this,Why can’t we?”Xia Jianyue is more excited,His mood is very high。
Zhao Hong heard this,Could not help but laugh,She smiled and said:“No loss, I have seen the world,Brains turn fast,And this thinking really keeps up with the pace of the times”
“Mr. Xia means that we run our own meat processing factory,Improve the grade of our products?”Mo Yan has piercing eyes,She seems to understand。
Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu discussed in a low voice for a while,Chen Erniu laughed loudly:“I know,Which big cities are in the city,Pork bought in a gift box,A pound is dozens,Why don’t we make a lot of money”
Chen Erniu’s words made everyone laugh,Wait for the laughter to stop,Xia Jian said with a straight face:“I mean by saying this,Everyone can’t just stay at the current level,Continuous innovation,We can survive better。From today,Everyone train your own right-hand man”
“Can Xia always be more thorough?”Xia Sanhu said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You have to liberate each from your current work,When the deep processing plant is set up,You have other important things to do”