High school students in the university are forced to drop out of the village because of the framed of the boyfriend and the second generation.,Once an accident, he opened another avenue that rushed out of the mountain village.。Xianquan farming,Beauty beauty,All parties have to,In order to get a fairy spring, it is a charming.,Hint。Shennong inheritance,Hundreds of grass,All parties are rich in people,money?It’s not good in front of him.。God’s eyes,Dictation……Once the criticism,Now the heart has become a slag in front of his absolute strength.。Li Hui Feng stands high,Grave,Long sighing a mouthful:“Height is not cold,Loneliness is like snow。”
Chapter 1 Qin Su Ya
“I heard that I haven’t heard it.?
The college students in the village are in the outside.,Come back。”
“Yes,I also heard that because of the school to move by a girl.?
If he is a college student,May not be in prison now?。”
“exactly,I also heard it.,I still look good in the future.,This little child is coming back to say that you can do something bad.。”
Just wash your clothes on the river.,While talking,Not far a relatively thin young people wearing a neat short sleeve shirt,One-washing white jeans foot canvas shoes,Put the hoe slowly passing by them。
If you are close to him,Can clearly hear the sound of his teeth,His eyes are full of hate,Full of helplessness。
Things happen,He only knows that everything is given to him.。
Talking about a long time, Sun Yaru actually took the initiative to open a house.,This will not think about what he has not touched.。
After the result,He saw the nuts of the other side.,The clothes on the body are obviously torn。
See your girlfriend,Where is he had a heart?,Put the other party directly on the bed,I didn’t expect this time to be opened.。
Reason,He is nothing to open with his girlfriend.,But the result is a shocked him.。
Sun Yawu actually cried at this time, he said that he would try to do not。
Soon this video is circulated in the campus,At the same time, it is soon alarmed the school.。
So he has been studying the first,I even participated in the first learning of various competitions, I was completely persuade.。
When he left, he knew it.,It turned out because he saw Sun Yaru with the rich second generation Lincheng.,I went up to the other party。
At that time, Lin City said that he kill him, and then it’s simple to die.,He still didn’t go to your heart.,It seems that it is really as simple as the other party.。
Thinking Sun Yaru hugged the greasy arm of Lincheng,And those words he say in front of him,He feels his heart in the blood。
“Lee,Do you know why do I like you so much??”
“Know why I have been talking to you in three years, but never let you touch??”
“Because you are poor,You are a farmer in the mountain.,I feel the price because I am walking with you.。”
I heard this,Li Hui is also a questioned question.:“Then why do you want to talk to me??”
“hehe,Because you are sincere?
You give me breakfast every day.,Help me write homework every day.,Free running legs have been ran for so many years to tell the truth, you or not, I dear.,I really want to talk to you and break up again.。”
that moment,Li Hui really wants to kill the dog men in front of him.,But he knows,If he doesn’t have money in the family, he is doing it.,The result is also a dead road,He wants to let the dog regret with his own hands.,Let the world pay for him。
But after returning to the village,He knows that everything is not realistic.。
Although he has a heart to lead the village together to get rich together,Nai Quan Village saw him and met the plague。
Moreover, the style of the village is also getting more and more.。
For these, although he is working hard to flatter,But it is always difficult to attract his angry heart.。
I think about three women on the river along the way.,His fist is not more tight。