On November 11, China International Airlines launched the residential rights card officially opened. It is reported that the product is applicable to travelers for 60 years and more, and users can enjoy the purchase of special tickets in the validity period after purchase card.

It is understood that the respect of the old equity card is divided into two kinds of special cards and exclusive cards. The price of the special card is 499. After purchasing, the customer can purchase the price of 400 yuan a ticket in the valid period 00: 00-08: 00, 20: 00-23: Non-Hainan, Xinjiang Navigation route economy cabin, and ticket fare in 8: 00-20: 00 is 600 yuan.

Tickets in Hainan and Xinjiang Airlines are 1,000 yuan.

At the same time, the exclusive card is also added to the special payment of the official class, 4 times a flight ticket for the purchase of 1,000 yuan, 4 times for the purchase of 2,000 yuan, the same for non- Hainan, Xinjiang Navigation route. In the insiders, Air China launched the respect of the old rights and interests of the old, also tried to attach the gold and silver branches.

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