Mobile phone “weaving bib”, weaving 3 major diseases

The emergence of Weibo turned out that all kinds of urban hipsters can hold their mobile phones to “knit bibs” anytime and anywhere, and share every bit of life.

However, while enjoying “weaving a bib”, you should also be alert to the diseases brought to your fingers and take good care of them.
.hzh{display:none;}  一、手机“织围脖”,织出3大疾病  1、“手机手”  医学上称为“拇指狭窄性腱鞘炎”。Pressing the keys on your phone with your thumb often makes your thumb feel stiff, painful, and even cause muscle atrophy in severe cases.
  This can cause tendon swelling, cause repetitive strain, and even cause severe tendinitis.
  It is not recommended to send text messages for a long time, take a break with your fingers for a while, and you can also do some massage or hot compress appropriately.
  2. “Blackberry Thumb” Use your phone to write Weibo frequently, being careful to cause your thumb to flip, and even ulcers and blisters.
  3. “Mobile phone dermatitis”: Long-term use of a mobile phone may cause an allergic reaction to the nickel casing of the mobile phone, which in turn produces a red or itchy rash, which is called “mobile phone dermatitis”.
  Second, often exercise the hands, health care tips 1. Massage the ten fingers in a circular motion. Use the thumb and abdomen to massage the ten fingers in a circular motion from the root of the finger to the tip of the finger.
  2、按摩手背的阳池穴瞬间温暖  身体手指尽力往上翘,在手腕上会出现几道皱褶,在靠近手背那一侧的皱褶上按压,中心处会找到一个压痛点,这个点就是Yangchi Point.
As long as this acupuncture point is stimulated, blood circulation can be quickly opened and the body can be warmed.
  3. Rotate and massage each finger. Hold one fist and massage each finger of the other hand until it is hot.
  4. Scrap the palm on the palm kidney reflex area, and scrape the area in one direction with the hand shape 2 until the skin is flushed and slightly hot.
  Note that when the finger joint slides “scrape”, the direction should be from the palm to the wrist.