[Can you eat dragon fruit after giving birth]_Pitaya_Maternal_Can you eat it?

For the mother, the diet is especially important. You can neither eat spicy and irritating things, but also eat high nutritional value, otherwise it will not help the mother to recover better.

Dragon fruit is cold, and it is not recommended for pregnant women to eat it raw. If you want to eat it, you can cook it before eating.

First, can a mother eat dragon fruit?

Mothers in the puerperium period can eat dragon fruit, but because the dragon fruit is cold, if the mother still needs breastfeeding, eat less cold and intestinal fruits, preferably cooked or steamed.It is recommended to eat raw.

Among the fruits, dragon fruit is called the king of fruits. The iron content is higher than that of ordinary fruits, and it also contains vitamin E and anthocyanins.

It has anti-oxidant, anti-free radical, anti-aging effects, and can also improve the prevention of brain cell degeneration and inhibit dementia. As for the albumin in dragon fruit, it is a sticky, colloidal weight loss substance, which has a beneficial effect on the stomach wall.There is also protection.

Although pitaya has high nutritional value and has many effects, maternal pitaya should be consumed in moderation. It is recommended to eat at most one per day.

In addition, dragon fruit can effectively relieve constipation.

Second, what will happen to a mother who eats dragon fruit. Modern medicine believes that dragon fruit is rich in nutrition, and fruit is not to be avoided during confinement, so a mother can eat some dragon fruit in moderation for good health.

Even if the maternal lochia is cleaned faster and the physique recovers well, do not eat too much dragon fruit to avoid causing diarrhea.

1. Increasing nutrition Dragon fruit is a low-energy, high-fiber fruit that is very rich in fiber content, so it has the effects of weight loss, lowering cholesterol, moisturizing the intestines, and preventing colorectal cancer.

2, to help digest sesame seeds in dragon fruit have the function of promoting digestion and digestion.

3, vitamins and minerals, dragon fruit, vitamin C, iron content is higher than the average fruit, has the role of whitening the skin and iron.

4. Special medical effect Anthocyanin content is higher in dragon fruit.

Anthocyanins are an antioxidant with obvious effects. It has the effects of anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, anti-aging, and also inhibits brain cell mutation and prevents dementia.

Third, what are the benefits of maternal eating dragon fruit? Dragon fruit has a beautiful color, rich nutrition, and has the characteristics of low feces, high fiber, and low metabolism. The therapeutic effect on health is remarkable.

In addition to eating pitaya, mothers can help to relieve constipation, but also make them beautiful.

1. Dragon Fruit can prevent constipation.

Postpartum constipation is a common phenomenon. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a good way to prevent constipation. The little sunspots in dragon fruit can promote bowel movements, thereby stimulating defecation and reducing the frequency of constipation.

2, dragon fruit can be beauty.

Dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin C. During pregnancy, women’s skin is more or less discounted because of pregnancy factors, so eating more dragon fruit after delivery can improve the skin and beauty.

3. Dragon fruit can stimulate appetite.

Vitamin B2 can promote and improve appetite.

4. The content of vitamin C in dragon fruit is very high, so it can promote the healing of bruises and cuts, and can strengthen the ability of the immune system, which is beneficial to the recovery of maternal wounds by caesarean section.