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Pregnant women need to pay special attention to their diet during pregnancy. Many things cannot be eaten randomly. Pay special attention to some dietary health problems. Pregnant women should pay attention to eating less spicy and greasy food during pregnancy. In addition, in normal times,It should also be noted that you can eat some purslane properly, but do not eat too much. Excessive use will also affect the body.

Portulaca also known as Portulaca oleracea, also known as Wuxingcao. In the old days, people often collected vegetables for food to feed their hunger. Therefore, the folk called it “longevity dish” and “longevity dish”.

According to research, it contains protein, trace amounts, carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, crude fiber, potassium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., which shows that nutrition is abundant, especially now it is more and more popular among urban residents.
However, purslane is not suitable for everyone. Because of its cold and slippery nature, it is not suitable for early pregnancy, especially those with a history of habitual abortion.

For example, “Materia Medica Justice” said “can also enter the blood to break blood stasis.”

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty also believed that purslane “dispersed blood and swelling, and smoothed the intestines.”

Modern clinical practice holds that purslane can contract uterine smooth muscle.

Therefore, pregnant women are not allowed to eat purslane, but it is an exception before giving birth. Eating more purslane is conducive to giving birth.