Liang Jingru’s world tour will start next year in Shanghai, the first talk about healing with his own song after divorce
On November 4th, the “202020 When We Deal with Love-Liang Jingru World Tour Concert” press conference was held in Beijing Antique.Liang Jingru announced that the new tour will officially start from Shanghai in February 2020.It is reported by the organizer that the new world tour has been scheduled until the end of 2020, covering more than 60 cities around the world, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, etc., breaking the previous tour and setting a personal record.What is the special meaning of the theme concept of the concert “202020”, the scene is also decoded by Liang Jingru himself: 202020 homophonic “love you love you love you”; the new round of tour starts in 2020, 20 also represents 20 years of debut;”A series of numbers represent Liang Jingru’s memorable moments in music, more like a love song journey with fans who support him all the way. In September this year, Liang Jingru admitted to divorce with Zhao Yuan.At the tour press conference, Liang Jingru also responded to this matter for the first time, saying: “I am also a good mother and a professional singer during this period, and I also use my songs to heal myself.I think that music and art are quite good for everyone to heal. I will put all my experiences in the past wholeheartedly on music.”Sauna provided by the organizer, edited by Tian Changni, Ye Chang, Yang Chang, night net editor Liu Jun