After the grand slam dream, is Kenning still far from the world’s first goal?
“My dream came true, and I can’t describe the feeling at this moment in words.”After taking the Daphne Cup from the famous Davenport, Kanning was a little excited.In the women ‘s singles final of the Australian Open, which ended tonight, 21-year-old American player Kenning defeated Mugulazza 2-1 to win the Grand Slam.When he started practicing tennis at the age of five, Kanning targeted the Grand Slam champion.After 16 years, Kanning’s dream came true, “If you have a dream, let it go and chase it, one day it will come true.I have always worked so hard.The past two weeks have been the most wonderful two weeks in my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”Kanning kissed the Daphne Cup.”Photo / Osports Before the semifinals, no one regarded No. 14 seed Kenning as the Australian women’s singles champion this year.After the women’s singles semi-finals came out, Batty was the current number one in the world. Halep and Mugulazza also took the throne after the ball and won the Grand Slam.Judging them, Kanning is the least favored one.But after defeating the world’s No. 1 Batty in the semifinals, everyone must seriously look at the 21-year-old American girl.In fact, the outbreak of Kenning is traceable.Last season, the American girl won the WTA’s highest progress award of the year, and her career won three singles titles and two doubles titles in this year.In terms of singles, Kanning won three championships in Hobart, Mallorca and Guangzhou Open in the finals.In doubles, Kanning partnered with Bouchard, and Matek won Acapulco and the Chinese Open champion.This year, Kenning’s year-end world ranking increased from 52nd in 2018 to 14th, and became the second substitute for the WTA Shenzhen year-end finals.It is worth mentioning that Kenning eliminated Williams 2-0 in the third round of the French Open last year. “In Serena, you must control all the gatherings and you must devote yourself to it.Otherwise, the game will enter her control.”It was through such a hard game, Kenning learned how to stay focused on the field.In this 7 games of the Australian Open, Kenning has saved a total of 14 counts.In this championship fight with Mugulazza, Kanning first lost a set, but she never gave up, forehand stability, decisive backhand, the two-time Grand Slam winner Mugulazza played unruly.”I want to be number one in the world.”During his participation in the Guangzhou Open last year, Kanning stated his goals.However, at that time, there were Xiaowei, Stephens in front of the American women’s net, and later the supernova Gaofu. Not many people paid attention to this Russian girl.After the Australian Open wins, Kenning’s world ranking will come to seventh place, and there is even a distance from the world’s first, so as to ensure that she surpasses Serena to become the new sister of the American women’s net.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Yang Xuli