Qin Feng is already a little numb,Already have some immunity to the rules of the weird sect

“but,Since you are stronger than me,but,This may not be good news。”The corners of Xiaoqing’s mouth curl up。“My fiance is not a generous person,he knows,I will definitely come to you。”
Qin Feng wanted to shout,“Laozi saves the individual,Just want to take a small advantage,This……”
“Since you have a fiance,why……”Qin Feng asked curiously。
“Ha ha,I know what you want to ask,I escaped from home,Just don’t want to marry that bastard。”Xiaoqing interrupted Qin Feng,Said。
“You escaped marriage!”Qin Feng is speechless,This,What are you doing away from marriage?,Married well,Is this bad?“Do you like me?”What possibility did Qin Feng think of。
“Just you stupid,Who would like?Just better than my fiance,But I want my old lady to really like you,Is impossible。”Xiaoqing directly killed Qin Feng’s evil thoughts:“Just looking at you a bit more pleasing than that bastard。”
Qin Feng now understands,Dare this chick as a free shield,Rely on one’s own strength,Come and help this chick solve this fiance by herself,Really is,Blood loss to the end!
“of course,If the old man insists on marrying me,As long as you win,Probably you。”Xiaoqing seems to see what Qin Feng’s thoughts are,Said lightly。
“you。”Qin Feng wanted to bite Xiaoqing,but,This little youth club is so simple to let go of this free thug?
“Correct,What do you want Zilinguo for?”Qin Feng didn’t want to struggle with that issue,Now I can only take one step and see one step。
“Purple Forest Fruit,You actually know。”Xiaoqing was shocked at first,But then it was relieved,This must be said by the silly big guy,At that time, I chased myself to come around here,Since Qin Feng saved himself,Compared to meet。
“I need to,Certainly useful。”
“That thing is a good medicine to repair meridians,Are all rare treasures,This,You actually want to make his idea”
“Oh。”Xiaoqing saw Qin Feng,Turn around,Suddenly smiled happily,“Now that you know the efficacy of the medicinal material,I won’t say much,Hee hee,Do you know,I am going to use it to treat someone?That’s your future grandpa。”