“Really powerful!”Koland interjected solemnly,“Wright,Although your defense is strong,But I don’t think you can beat Ernst on your own。。。of course,I think it is possible to contain it for a while。”
Wright was not stimulated by words to express himself against Ernst.,But nodded slightly,Let the hope of Keland with a certain mind come to nothing,Had to continue:“Just looking at me and him several times,Ernst’s perception of the law is comparable to mine,But with the help of artifact,Even some special forces,Very strong combat effectiveness。”
“Ernst whether it is an attack or not、Speed,Especially the defense is more terrifying,And that‘Big Prophecy’Very weird,Although there is no way to kill the sanctuary,But the interference effect is very strong。”
“Although a bit more ambitious,But I feel that I can compete with him in speed,Even with the help of artifacts,My attack can’t break his shield of light。”Koland shook his head,And Charlie turned out to talk。
“Except for the Pope of Light,This group of ascetics is also very threatening。”Charlie paused“Wright,I heard you and‘Desiree’as well as‘Kirsman’Played against?You should know more about the strength of these two people。”
“That was eight years ago,At the time‘Desiree’Is a relatively powerful Sanctuary peak powerhouse,But now I kill him easily。and‘Kirsman’?”Wright hesitated:“Very weak,But he is a wind master,Very threatening!”
Everyone at the scene nodded in agreement,A Wind Master,Strength is weak,Hold on hand‘Dimensional Blade’This ultimate move,Once hit,Almost irresistible。
“But as long as he dares to come forward,I will kill him!”Cecilia,Since knowing that my husband was injured by the Dimension Blade,She is full of hatred for Kirsman, the unmasked sanctuary powerhouse!
Koland、Charlie and even Elek and Mao Qiu didn’t believe it,Only Wright as a husband knows,The laws that my wife has understood seem to be particularly restrained against these Saint Magisters of the wind system。
Since Cecilia claims to be able to deal with‘Kirsman’,And Wright as the husband did not object,Charlie also skipped this person.。
“And then,Is the group of advent angels and fanatics,This strong man is very mysterious,No one alone will be too strong,The most powerful one should be‘Seraphim Chief Andrew’with‘Mad believer leader Lie’。I played against Lie,Relying on the magic weapon can contain him。That one‘Seraphim Chief Andrew’He Yeol’s strength should be about the same。But only many angel combinations are very threatening for angel battles,Six angels from the common sanctuary join forces,Enough to suppress the peak power of the sanctuary”
Charlie briefly talked about some of the main sanctuary powerhouses of the Holy See,Then continue to add:“This third,Is the army of the Holy See,Is indeed much better than our army,If there is no sanctuary powerhouse to intervene,‘Knights of Glory’Hard to beat。Of course for the sanctuary strong,That’s another matter。”
Heard what Charlie said,Wright also has some understanding of the strength of the Holy See today,Very elite,Whether it’s the sanctuary level or the ordinary army level,So it must be countered by quantity。
Every time against Ernst,It’s all the leader of Koland and the top powerhouses in the sanctuary to resist。same,Use more ordinary sanctuary to contend with the peak power of the Holy See of the Holy See。This way of fighting,Even if you can rely on the number advantage,Can defeat the opponent,But the opponent is stronger,Can easily slip away。
“So we have to deal with the Holy See,We have to deal with Ernst first;And want to deal with Ernst,First, we have to find a way to lead him out of the Temple of Light?”Wright pointed out sharply。
“Can’t say that,If you kill Desi Li or Lie,It can also cause great losses to the Holy See,But it did only kill Ernst,Can really hit the Holy See!”Charlie said in a low voice:“Wright,And Mrs. Pritt,Can you invite the Cromwell Saint Magister and Lord Baruch??If they also shot,To ensure foolproof。”
“Need not mention this!”Wright flatly refused。