Original title: Breakthrough "one person’s disabled, the whole family imbalance" is difficult, this heavy document opened "The Pharmacy" my country has about 40 million lost energy, half-lost energy, "one person lost function, the whole family imbalance" is these elderly people The family’s true portrayal. "The Central Committee of the Central Committee on Strengthening the Aging of the New Era" (hereby comments) Recently released, to crack the displacement (including lost, the same), the elderly took out "prescription".

Suggestions, improve the long-term care service model from professional institutions to the community and family. According to the relevant requirements of the implementation of the national basic public health service project, there is a health assessment and health services for aging elderly. Wu Jing, director of the Chronic Non-Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Center, China Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said that breakthroughs in the service bottleneck of disabled elderly should consider the health characteristics and demand laws of the elderly, and focus on adding health care services.

She believes that on the one hand, it is necessary to promote local basic public health services projects, providing healthy services such as home health assessment and rehabilitation nursing, psychological support; on the other hand, more departments, give full play to their respective professional advantages And the advantages of institutions, consolidating the long-term care services from professional institutions to the community, home, and timely discovering the risk factors of disability development, providing careful service for disabled elderly. The view also suggested that the development of "Internet + care services", actively develop family pension beds and nursing pension beds to facilitate the care of the older people.

Wu Jing believes that promoting the "Internet + Nursing Service" pilot work and summarizes promotion experience, which is conducive to driving grassroots service resources to invest and care service capacity.

Li Banghua, the head of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said that in terms of home and community old-age services, we must focus on the construction of family pension beds and old dining tables, daytime care, short-term traotrop, mutual service, etc. The ability of the elderly care, to the 2025 national nursing institution’s nursing bed ratio of 55%.

The care of the residential age is inseparable from the guarantee of the long-term care insurance system. To this end, the opinion makes a deployment arrangement such as a long-term nursing insurance system.

Wang Haidong, Director of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health and Health, said that the state will continue to promote the pilot of long-term nursing insurance system, and strive to establish a long-term nursing insurance system in accordance with my country’s national conditions. In addition to specializing in "Strengthening the long-term care and guarantee of disabled elderly", the opinions also put forward the establishment of the basic pension service list system, which also provides an important guarantee for the care of the residents of the elderly. Li Banghua said that basic elderly services should focus on the basic needs of the residential care and life safety of the elderly, and both face to all the elderly people, but also to protect the needs of special difficulties. In addition, there are many other initiatives that are concerned about the older people. For example, improve the survival of the family doctor’s signing service coverage and improve the quality of service, and the public pension institution prioritizes the elderly, and encourages The conditions of the conditions are subject to the elderly family of economic difficult failures. "To fundamentally break the care problems of the elderly, it is necessary to close the comprehensive prevention and control of the fault." Wu Jing said that the factors in the development of disability are very complex, carry out preventive comprehensive intervention for reducing the risk of disability And it is very important to delay the disability.

In this regard, the state is actively exploring practice. This year, the National Health and Health Committee organized more than ten provinces in the country.

Each pilot province has established a working mechanism of the health and health administrative department, the disease control center, and the grassroots medical and health institution.

Pilot projects conduct cardiovascular disease and risk factors management, dietary management, weight management, relaxation training, anti-resistance training, eight paragraphs, exercise, etc. "From the pilot effect, the project has been strongly supported by the local government and the active welcome of residents.

"Wu Jing said, the next step will continue to make more pilots, and summarize the promotion experience on the basis of evidence. (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Sharing Let more people see the client download.