May 7th Premier League round 36 Arsenal VS Manchester United live video address
At 23:00 on May 7th, Beijing time (16:00 on May 7th, British local time), the 36th round of the 2016-17 Premier League ushered in the focal double red war. Arsenal sat at the Emirates Stadium to meet Manchester United.Will bring you a live video of the game, so stay tuned.Arsenal VS Manchester United live video address: LeTV live (without plug-in) game highlights Arsenal contention is hopeless? Arsenal lost to Tottenham 0-2 in the last round of the North London Derby, and the Gunners temporarily ranked sixth in the Premier League standings. They are 6 points away from Manchester City in the fourth place, and there is little hope of qualifying for the Champions League.However, they only lost to Watford in the last 15 rounds of home league games.If they can’t beat Manchester United in this field, Arsenal will almost certainly miss the Champions League. In order to keep hope, Wenger’s team is bound to go all out.Manchester United League unbeaten in 25 rounds: Manchester United drew 1-1 in Swansea in the last round of the league, creating the unbeaten record for the longest league in a single round of 25 rounds.But in 25 games, 12 draws were reached, which was the first reason they could not improve their rankings.Manchester United are currently ranked fifth, one point away from the fourth Manchester City.In the first round of the Europa League semi-final clash in midweek, Manchester United beat Celta 1-0 away.Since the UEFA Champions League can lead to the Champions League, Manchester United’s focus must have shifted.In this case, it is worth paying attention to whether they are included in the first-level rotation.Wenger PK Mourinho: This is Wenger and Mourinho’s 17th head-to-head confrontation, fighting 16 times Mourinho 8 wins, 7 draws and 1 loss absolute absolute advantage, Wenger’s only victory was in 2015In the community shield competition of the year.Mourinho has faced Arsenal 12 times in the Premier League as the coach, achieving an undefeated record of 5 wins and 7 draws.The renewed confrontation between the famous coaches of the two countries is also worthy of attention.Sanchez’s performance determines the success or failure: so far this season, Sanchez has made a total of 28 goals in the league (19 goals + 9 assists), can he become the fifth single after Henry, Wright, Van Persie and AdebayorArsenal players with 20+ goals in the Premier League this season?Sang Shen performance in this field is worth looking forward to.For Manchester United, Rooney scored 11 goals in the Premier League and Arsenal, but he is questionable whether he will start this game.In the case of Manchester United’s multiple injuries, Mourinho is also worthy of attention.Manchester United dominates the record: In history, the two sides have a record of 225 encounters, Manchester United 94 wins, 50 draws, 81 losses, overlapping advantages, 343 goals and 318 goals.Arsenal’s home record against Manchester United is 62 wins, 20 draws and 28 losses, scoring 219 goals and 137 goals.Before the game, Arsenal coach Wenger: In the face of a big club like Manchester United, in the face of such a big showdown, we have no choice, the only goal is to defeat the opponent.Although we have little hope of entering the top four now, we must go all out to advance.  Manchester United coach Mourinho: We played 9 games in April, and we can imagine that we are tired for any team.Those tired players will not play this game, we must arrange a reasonable timetable.Injury information Arsenal: Lucas Perez, Cazorla, Ospina, Mustafi, Zakaman United: Phil Jones, Ibrahimovic, Fellaini, Vsu Mensa,Luke Shaw, Ashley Young, Pogba expected to start: Arsenal (3-4-2-1): Goalkeeper: No. 33 Cech Guard: No. 5 Paulista, No. 6 Koscielny, No. 18 Monreal midfielder: No. 24 Bellerin, No. 8 Ramsey, No. 34 Coquilin, No. 3 Gibbs front waist: No. 7 Sanchez, No. 11 Ozil striker: No. 12 JiLuman United (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: No. 1 De Gea Guard: No. 25 Valencia, No. 3 Bailey, No. 17 Blind, No. 36 Darmian Back: No. 21 ErePull, Carrick midfielder No. 16: Mkhitaryan No. 22, Rooney No. 10, Lingard forward No. 14: Marshall No. 11