Lu Menglin did not decline either,Nod,Smiled very friendly,Tao:“Thank you Mr. Chen for his kindness。”
“but,Friends from the media,I have one more news to announce。”Lu Menglin smiled,Speak loudly。
“Again?”Everyone present was dumbfounded,I thought this Lu Menglin was really a monster,One wave has not settled, another wave rises,It seems that there are endless topics hidden in him。
“From today,The strategic layout of Menglin Group has changed,We are no longer involved in operating the Internet cafe market,It’s a sales market that sells PCs instead。
Menglin Group has completed the layout of Menglin Brand Electronic City in six provincial capital cities,Electronic City will specialize in computer components and related consumables,First year of home computer,Please publicize by then,Specific opening time and invitation letter,Public Relations Department of Menglin Group
Will be sent to everyone again。”
The news came from Lu Menglin’s mouth,There is silence all around。
Whether it is the media reporters present,Or Chen Tianjiao and others,Even the employees of Menglin Group did not remember it for a while。
Electronic city?Home computer first year?What the hell is this?
At first sound,Seems to contain a lot of important information,But think carefully,Seems like a fairy tale,difficult to realize。
Chen Tianjiao was the first to react,Can’t help but laugh:“Mr. Lu deserves to be Mr. Lu,New ideas one by one,Great!Really amazing!”
Hear Chen Tianjiao’s ironic laugh,Lu Menglin didn’t care,Shrug your shoulders,Smiled:“Ok,Thanks for the compliment!The era of family and personal ownership of computers has come,Our Menglin Group is no longer interested in playing in the old framework,A month ago,I’m already mobilizing funds to start the layout,I’ve already stopped working on the Internet cafe market,Otherwise you thought it would be so easy to win?”
Chen Tianjiao heard this,I was shocked,But my face doesn’t show up,Instead laughed loudly:“That’s it!I just said how to win so easily!Since Mr. Lu decided to invest in the hardware market,Then there is no competition between us。Develop together in the future,Develop together!”
The news from Lu Menglin was shocking,Even the people of Menglin Group don’t know about this,Yao bald head naturally has no way of knowing。