This scene stunned the Su family present,Everyone can’t help but take a breath。
“Isn’t that kid a game tycoon??Why are you so skilled?”
“Damn it!He is a master of martial arts?Was it so strong??”
“Terrible,This is going to shake the sky!Dare to do it in Su’s house,There is a good show!”
The Su family present was panic first,But it all stabilized soon。
This is the confidence of the noble family,They are not worried about the consequences of Lu’s force,But feel,This person dared to hurt someone in Su’s house,No matter how high the skill is,I’m afraid I won’t be able to end well。
What time is it now,The result of playing side by force is probably only to sit through the bottom of the cell.!
Everyone thinks,On the boundary of the Su family,Only they can call the guard to beat people,As long as this person dared to fight back,In the eyes of most Su family members,His fate is doomed to tragedy。
“You want to break my leg?”Lu Menglin slowly got up from the grandmaster’s chair,Smiled faintly at Su Mufeng。
Facing this guy with a bit of an explosive force,Su Mufeng knows he can’t hold back,In front of so many people,If I am counseled,It will be difficult to convince people in the future。
“Not bad。I let them go!You despise the Su family,I even dared to hurt people in the living room of my Su family,Really bold!Do you think,With a few hands,Is it the ability to overpower the rich??”
Su Mufeng’s face is still calm,Fully showed the courage and tolerance of the big family children。
But unfortunately,What he met was a guy like Lu Menglin who never played cards according to common sense。
Lu Menglin gently stretched out his hand,Patted on Su Mufeng’s shoulder,Crushed him immobile,Cold sweat on the forehead。