There is such a powerful human plane in the universe,Individual armor and electromagnetic weapons with far superior technology,In terms of power, there are naval guns no weaker than nuclear bombs.,And it’s a starship,The kind that can float,For the war power of this floating warship,The humans present are no strangers,Because this kind of war machine,Have seen it in many science fiction movies。
That humans on Earth can compare with,Probably only imagination is left!
“in fact,This human plane shows polarization,And very serious。Because their weapons are all made with technology left over from the previous generation of civilization,They do not have the corresponding technological strength。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,In order not to discourage the enthusiasm of everyone here,I had to patiently explain。
“What do you mean?I don’t understand at all!”Kim So Yeon blinked,Said with an innocent look。
Lu Menglin sighed,Smiled:“An analogy,Human civilization has reached its end,The world war destroyed the earth,Then a new human civilization began to sprout on the ruins,They are primitive and modern,And the human plane I came into contact with,This is the case。”
Kim So Yeon seems to understand but not understand,A thoughtful look,Nodded:“That’s great!Can do business with them,Take what you need,Change their technology and weaponry!Even cultural output,Assimilate their civilization!”
Su Xuehen nodded as well,Praised:“This idea is very good!The earth world has a complete civilization system,And they have the civilization and high technology of the previous generation。”
Talking,The eyes of the two women began to shine at the same time,All staring at someone seriously,Staring at him。
“Do not,Don’t need this for now!This human plane is already in my hands!I mean,I will consolidate the space channel over there as soon as possible,Then find a way to bring the weapons and equipment over there,You can study and improve,It shouldn’t be a big problem to use it directly。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
what?Everyone in the conference room was shocked by the news again!
original,Lu Menglin is silent,He has already conquered a whole new plane of human race,And that plane,Will bring a steady stream of weapons and high technology to the earth world,in other words,The earth world already has a plane as its rear,What a feat this is,For humans on earth,This step is really big!
One thousand three hundred and sixty nine I’m really not a scumbag
The meeting ended successfully,Everyone is very motivated,Because Lu Menglin gave them hope,It also ushered in a new round of challenges。
Lu Menglin let them know,The earth world faces more than just death threats from the dark race,And the pressure of the gods,There is also competition from alien races,The world is so big,Wonderful,It’s hard to see the whole picture even in a lifetime。
And the most touching thing in life is this,Because you don’t even know,Wake up tomorrow morning,What unexpected changes will happen in this world。