Haoye is also very distressed,Blame yourself for poor understanding,I didn’t give my Zong Lin a face at such a critical time。
“Why don’t I come。”At this moment,Nan Lingsha’s beautiful voice sounded。
Wu Feng、Yunzhonghe、Hao Ye、Shao Ying stared at Nan Lingsha with wide eyes。
Zhu Minglang also looked at the artist’s sister-in-law with a puzzled look。
“To steal。”Nan Lingsha said to Zhu Minglang in a voice that only two people could hear。
Zhu Minglang will understand immediately。
Nan Ling yarn to attract everyone’s attention,Go to the ancient pagoda behind the sword pavilion and steal the jade!
Zhu Minglang looked around,I found that many Jian Gu who are not qualified to come to this exchange meeting are also watching from a distance,Obviously, they are all very interested in the moves behind the sword fall sword technique。
This is indeed the best opportunity,I believe that even if there are some masters near the sword pavilion,Will never miss the opportunity to observe the swordsmanship of sword cloud。
The issue is,Nan Lingsha can really show the sword skills behind??
As a painter,To show the sword state with painting,This is extremely difficult!
“Isn’t Lingsha an artist??”Wen Lingfei asked。