Song Fang couldn’t help taking a breath,At this time, another policeman walked in front of Song Fang,Whispered:“Are you Song Fang!Caused you trouble,We received a call from the leader,Rushed over immediately,Unfortunately a bit far…“
“Nothing!Thank you guys。This guy is very bad,Harassed me since last night,I thought it would be okay to ignore him,I didn’t expect him to get worse,Even more rampant today。Talking nonsense in front of everyone,Destroy my reputation“Song Fang panted,Tell the ins and outs of the matter roughly。
Which police said:“This guy is a man with a record,I don’t do this once or twice,Catch him back this time,Will definitely deal with“
“Best shot!“Chen Yueqin couldn’t help saying loudly。
Which policeman smiled at Chen Yueqin,Say hello to Song Fang,Then turned and left。Song Fang discovered,A police car parked on the side of the road。
The old five prestige is not there,My legs were soft when I got in the car, Two policemen put him in the car。See this scene,Song Fang felt a little better now。It seems that Wang Youdao helped her this time。
Back to my car,Chen Yueqin sat behind Song Fang and held her a bottle。Wang Degui ran back to the hotel to tidy up,Hurriedly ran into the car。
Song Fang just started the car,The hotel owner chased,She smiled sweetly at Song Fang:“Poor store conditions,Make you love sin。I didn’t expect you to be an official,Really hidden“
“Flat head common people,What’s not official”Song Fang said coldly,And started turning around。
The boss said with a smile:“It’s not an official who can call the police from other places to arrest Pharaoh Wang”
“What do you mean?I don’t quite understand”Song Fang stopped the car,Asked with a smile。
The lady boss glanced around and said:“You are outsiders,So it doesn’t matter if I tell you。This old fifth has an uncle who is the leader in our town,That’s why he dared。The people at the town police station have nothing to do with him,This time it’s fine,He is cut home”
Song Fang just understood,It’s no wonder the police said just now to send Deng Lao Wu directly to the city。It turns out that the old five has a backstage,It’s no wonder。
The car left the town,Driving towards the prison where Wang Youfa was imprisoned。Because Song Fang is still holding a bottle on her left hand,So she drove the car very slowly。
It took a long time for Chen Yueqin to ask Song Fangdao after sitting behind her:“What is going on today?Why i don’t understand?”
“Don’t disturb her driving,It’s fine anyway”Wang Degui on the side stopped his wife Chen Yueqin’s questioning in time。
I don’t know if it’s the hanging needle that worked,Wang Youdao helped her,Song Fang suddenly felt a lot more energetic。She took a breath,So I ran into Ruo Wu Neng last night and Ruo Wu harassed her again this morning,Probably said it again。Of course,She still mentioned Wang Youdao。