In recent years, the Shenyang Disabled Persons’ Federation has always been held in the beginning of the first and heart, the concept of true and warmth, and strictly implement the total goal of "comprehensive building a well-off society, the disabled is not less", and puts the poverty disabled. Family barrier-free renovation is an important initiative to help disability, and continuously improve the convenience and comfort of disabled home life. Since 2014, accumulated investment at all levels of funds for more than 1,700,000 yuan, and have been eliminated for more than 6,000 poverty-stricken families. In the implementation of the work, Shenyang City Disabled Persons’ Federation has always adhered to the actual needs of disabled people as the starting point and the foothold, and give full play to the grassroots disabilities, streets, community functions, strengthen the investigation, actively on the door, and find out the reality Status, convenient service; will be included in the reconstruction category, according to the "one household policy", "the principle of" Best Best Cere ", to conduct scientific coordination, humanized design, personalized transformation, Praise in the masses of the majority of disabled people; formulate work programs in science, take the initiative to communicate and coordinate, form a work together, and carry out various links to work, effectively guarantee the construction progress and quality, and strive to let the people with disabilities live comfortably, use it to be assured . Next, Shenyang Disabled Persons’ Federation will continue to promote the disabled transformation of disabled people with disabilities and home adaptation, further deepen expansion work, and continuously improve the people’s live happiness index. (Editor: Wang Swun, Don Long).